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Feasibility study for a successful replication strategy for indexed crop insurance -- DID

About the Project

Project Name: Feasibility study for a successful replication strategy for indexed crop insurance -- DID
Type of Facility Project: Microinsurance innovation grantee
Country of Operation: Sri Lanka
Region: Asia and the Pacific
Sub Topics: Financial institutions, Consumer education, Demand, Agriculture
Type of Risk Carrier: Regulated insurance company
Type of Distribution Channel: Credit union, cooperative or other member-based financial institution

Organizational Overview

Desjardins Développement international (DID), a Canadian non-profit organization, has worked for more than 35 years to improve access to quality and relevant financial services by communities in developing countries. DID specializes in providing technical support – such as introducing new products, modernizing operations or developing local capacity – and investment for the community finance sector.


Project Description

This project wants to solve an important challenge - the protection of poor, rural households in Sri Lanka. By bringing together an interesting combination of technical expertise from India and Canada, the project seeks to replicate and improve on the successful experiences of BASIX with indexed-based crop microinsurance products. In this first phase, the consortium will conduct a feasibility study to consider the demand, viability and product design, particularly for weather index insurance....READ MORE


Expected target groups: rural Sri Lankan men and women, especially farmers


Learning Agenda

  • What is the demand for risk coverage among Sri Lankan farmers?
  • How does one go about developing a feasibility study for adapting existing crop insurance products / models for new markets?
  • What are the mechanisms for promoting south-to-south technical assistance?