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Knowledge Flash, Issue 26
September 2013

Launch of new website
Microcare Insurance Uganda - Case Study
Video: Driving change through peer learning 

Knowledge Flash, Issue 25
July 2013

Case Brief: La Asociación Mexicana de Uniones de Crédito del Sector Social (AMUCSS)
Webinar on "Building an inclusive insurance market"
Leveraging health microinsurance to promote universal health coverage 

Knowledge Flash, Issue 24
June 2013

Case Brief: SAJIDA Foundation;
Panel Discussion (with webcast) on "Delivering on the promise of microinsurance: Putting clients first";
Beyond slogans: Good practices in promoting microinsurance products.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 23
May 2013

From satellites to SMS – and everything in between;
Case Brief: IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Co.;
Webinar on Technology: Improving the enrolment experience.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 22
April 2013

Innovations to deliver microinsurance to the masses;
Case Brief: Aseguradora Rural;
Webinar on new opportunities in microinsurance distribution.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 21
March 2013

2012 Annual Report;
Audiovisual mass media campaigns for insurance education: Stages and lessons;
What is a health card worth? An evaluation of an outpatient health insurance product in rural India.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 20
February 2013

Why people do not by microinsurance and what can we do about it;
Experimenting with delayed payments in China;
Finding real world relevance for microinsurance research.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 19
January 2013

Value-added services in health microinsurance;
Podcast on the technology revolution in microinsurance;
Latin America's 4th Annual Microinsurance Summit 2013.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 18
December 2012

Facility partners meet to share lessons and successes;
The landscape of microinsurance in Africa 2012;
Insurance for the people by the people.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 17
November 2012

Sharing results on the impact of health microinsurance;
Pathways toward greater impact: MFIs with better microinsurance models, products and processes, Microinsurance Paper  n°18;
Did you miss our webinar on enhancing microinsurance in MFIs?

Knowledge Flash, Issue 16
October 2012

Coming together on client value;
Making media campaigns work for microinsurance;
Teaching elephants to dance.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 15
September 2012

Webinar on enhancing microinsurance products and processes in microfinance institutions;
The social dilemma of microinsurance, Research Paper  n°22;
Can the climate be insured?

Knowledge Flash, Issue 14
August 2012

Microinsurance map: a new resource for practitioners on the Indian microinsurance market;
Health thematic page;
Microinsurance and the technology revolution.

Knowledge Flash, Issue 13
July 2012

How technology can support efficiency and client value: the case of livestock insurance in India, Microinsurance Paper  n°17;
Managing microinsurance partnerships, Briefing Note  n°13;
Government's role to strengthen access to health and agriculture insurance in India.

Innovation Flash, Issue 12
February 2012

Alexia Latortue (CGAP) reflects, in her editorial, on the importance to focus on demand and for providers and delivery channels to develop a thorough understanding of clients' needs, preferences and behaviors so as to scale up their efforts. The Newsletter also highlights key lessons emerging from the Facility's Innovation grantees, presents new thematic studies and publications, and shares new sections on the Knowledge center and other useful tools for the industry.

Innovation Flash, Issue 11
November 2011

Dirk Reinhard (Munich Re Foundation) reflects, in his editorial, on how the microinsurance sector has in the past ten years slowly taken off and on what the next steps could be to increase both profitability and client's value. The Newsletter also highlights some Facility's new Innovation grantees (Round 5), presents the new thematic studies and publications of the Facility, and shares useful resources and opportunities (Fellowship positions in Africa).

Innovation Flash, Issue 10
June 2011

Insurers and their delivery partners have often a business model that brings insufficient value for the clients. Anja Smith from Cenfri highlights in her editorial that distribution channels should be more active in providing quality services to clients. They should not only sell products but most importantly service the claims. The Newsletter highlights some Facility's new Innovation grantees (Round 5) and shares useful resources (publications, videos, training and events)

Innovation Flash, Issue 9
March 2011

Why should we invest in an enabling regulatory framework for microinsurance? Yoshi Kawai, Secretary General de of the International Association of Insurance supervisors (IAIS) can contribute to that goal to prepare the growth of the market and support consumers' protection. The Newsletter highlights the Facility's new fellowships opportunities, presents some grantees successes and shares useful resources (publications, articles and videos).

Innovation Flash, Issue 8
December 2010

What is the impact on microinsurance of the microfinance crisis in Andhra Pradesh? Bernd Balkhenhol, Director of the ILO's Social Finance programmme presents the positive and downside of the crisis in the editorial. The Newsletter highlights the Facility's new grantees, presents in details the Knowledge management portal and shares useful ressources (publications, articles and videos).

Innovation Flash, Issue 7
August 2010

Should we keep on calling insurance for the bottom of the pyramide "micronsurance"? That's the question Peter Wrede from AKAM proposes to discuss in the editorial. The Newsletter highlights the Facility's new grantees, presents lessons concerning the distribution channels and shares publications and opportunities for the sector.

Innovation Flash, Issue 6
May 2010

This issue starts with an editorial from Veronica Wodsak, ILO's Social Security Department explaining how microinsurance can support universal access to social security. It highlights the Facility's Knowledge management strategy, presents a few lessons from the grantees and shares publications and opportunities for the sector.

Innovation Flash, Issue 5
February 2010

This issue starts with an editorial from Craig Churchill, explains why Round 4 of the Innovation grants focuses on health microinsurance, presents the CCB program, highlights News/Resources from the sector and a few job opportunities.

Innovation Flash, Issue 4 
September 2009

This issue presents the new Innovation grantees, the first study tour in India, the African landscape study of microinsurance, News from the sector and a few job opportunities.

Innovation Flash, Issue 3
May 2009

Updates on the Innovation grants (round 3 & 4); TA grantees; Consumer education; Research grants; Job opportunities.

Innovation Flash, Issue 2 
February 2009

Third Round is released;
The new grantees' profiles are on-line.

Innovation Flash, Issue 1
November 2008

Through innovation grants, the Facility encourages a variety of organizations to engage in microinsurance and experiment with new products or partnerships. In the first round, we received 127 grant applications, of which nine were selected.