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Annual Report

Annual Report, 2012 - (PDF)
February 2013

This 2012 Annual Report is organized into three parts:
Part 1 summarizes the major outputs of the ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility in 2012 and introduces our initial thoughts on the Facility's plans after 2013; Part 2 describes microinsurance development and the experiences of our partners in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, India and Latin America and the Caribbean; and Part 3 presents lessons that were generated by our partners in 2012. The Annexes list our innovation grantees and strategic partners (Annex I), knowledge products (Annex II) and capacity-building activities (Annex III).

Annual Report, 2011 - (PDF)
February 2012

In its structure and content, the 2011 Annual Report responds to the feedback the Facility received through a satisfaction survey conducted in August 2011. The first part outlines the emerging trends in microinsurance, while the second looks at the insights that the Facility has gained about microinsurance over the past 4 years. The Annexes provide details on the Facility's partners, including grantees, and on the knowledge dissemination and professional development activities implemented during the year.

Annual Report, 2010 - (PDF)
March 2011

The Facility has just released its 2010 annual report that focuses on the transition from grant making to knowledge management. The report explains the tools the Facility will use to extract information and consolidate knowledge and presents the different partners we collaborate with to document and share valuable practices.

Annual Report, 2009 - (PDF)
March 2010

The ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility has released its 2009 annual report. This publication presents the new grantees, details the Consulting and capacity building program objectives and present the Research activities outputs.

Annual Report, 2008 - (PDF)
March 2009

The ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility has released its first annual report that presents the Facility's major activities in 2008. You will find a description of our grantees, and get a clear grasp of our capacity building and knowledge exchange activities.