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Naya Jeevan

Naya Jeevan, meaning “new life”, is a California-based not-for-profit organization with current operations focused on urban Pakistan. Naya Jeevan’s mission is to provide social protection to low-income families in an efficient and inclusive manner through a unique health microinsurance model. The model creates scalable partnerships with a variety of organized groups such as corporations, SMEs & academic institution to facilitate the enrollment of low-income employees and domestic staff of higher income employees into the Naya Jeevan health plan. 

Naya Jeevan is a catalytic intermediary that risk-pools clusters of low-income individuals from both formal and informal sectors under a single, socially protective consortium. It negotiates commercial group health insurance from established and highly reputable insurers like Allianz, Saudi Pak, Jubilee Insurance, IGI and Pak-Qatar Takaful at preferential, below-market rates on behalf of its members. The members not only benefit from the bulk-purchasing discount but also from Naya Jeevan’s package of Value-Added Services (VAS) that wraps around the core health microinsurance product. These VAS create significant tangible value for beneficiaries, promoting retention and client/beneficiary satisfaction. Through the insurers’ preferred provider network of private hospitals, beneficiaries are provided affordable access to high quality, private health care throughout Pakistan.

Private health care is generally preferred by the working poor in Pakistan due to the timely delivery of health services. Deficiencies in the public health care system that result in widespread dissatisfaction  include: (i) frequent absence of healthcare providers, (ii) shortages of drugs and (iii) hidden charges for diagnostic material and supplies; this adds unpredictable (and often unaffordable) cost to travel expenses and loss of income/productivity due to the prolonged waiting times required to access public health. For health care expenses that are not conventionally insured – such as routine outpatient treatment and chronic medication – Naya Jeevan has arranged wholesale discounts that are passed on to its members, creating additional client value and offering relief in healthcare financing.

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