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6th Microinsurance Innovation Forum

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  November 11, 2013


  Jakarta, Indonesia


The forum focused on the theme “Building quality microinsurance at scale” and was attended by almost 50 participants. It started with an interactive game on the evolution of microinsurance which set the tone and provided an introduction to the evolution framework that guided the session topics for the rest of the day. The two sessions in the morning focused on two levers that are key to evolve microinsurance into a more competitive state —one focusing on addressing client needs and another on increasing efficiency. The afternoon parallel sessions both focused on another key lever, that of exploring new partnerships and business models. One parallel session was devoted to public-private partnerships and the other on retail distribution models (banking correspondents and mobile money outlets). The forum ended with a review of key take-away points from the different sessions and an identification of key insights that organizations can explore as they continue on their path to building quality microinsurance at scale.


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