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On marketing



Emerging Project Lessons

Incentives and bonuses are critical to encourage Migrant Desk coordinators, who are church volunteers, to promote membership and top-ups. In the first year and a half of the programme the initial membership turnout was below expectation due to the absence of a sales incentive scheme. However, in the half a year since the launch of a sales incentive programme at the beginning of 2011, sales has more than doubled that of prior year and a half. The grantee’s observation is that product take-up is heavily dependent on the party pushing the product. If coordinators are motivated to introduce the product, even without the insurer’s presence, the target market will respond to the sales efforts and make a purchase.

Adding more benefits and services, and doing more activities are ways to improve saturation rate.  The campaign to encourage club members to top up their savings was launched this period. It consisted of raffle promotions, program flyers, text blast, livelihood fairs and incentive package for migrant desk coordinators. The text blast campaign implemented during the months of June July and August resulted in significant increase in top-up, thus increase in membership. It is expected that these numbers are going to pick up as the campaign for topping up gains momentum. 

Date of last Learning Journey update: September 2011