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OFW Family Savers and Wellness Club

About the Project
Project start date: 
Jun 2009
32 months
País de operaciones: 
Life - endowment
Project Thematic Focus: 
Insitutional models and business processes

Project Basics

Pioneer Life Inc. is a leading life insurance company in the Philippines. A member of the Pioneer Group, which has been in operation for more than fifty years, Pioneer Life´s core business is to provide its clients with suitable financial options to secure what matters most to them. Pioneer makes itself relevant to its customers by identifying their particular needs and providing products and services through distribution channels suited to their unique requirements.

The project combines financial and risk management education with a product that bundles savings with life and accident microinsurance.  The program and products are offered through savers and wellness clubs set up in schools and churches.  The project uses a non-intimidating approach by providing built-in savings, through small “bite-sized” amounts, and insurance cover, combined with education on savings and insurance to create awareness of the benefits of savings and insurance and promote a culture of informed risk management. Top-ups to savings are facilitated with the use of technology such as mobile money and ATMs.

The clubs are initiated by the church in every diocese of target provinces. A network of school coordinators and parish leaders form the community of financial wellness facilitators that supports the implementation of the program.  Facilitators also help impart the key learning of the modules and increase club membership on a wider scale and at a faster rate.

Delivery Channel Set Up

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Date of last Learning Journey update: September 2011