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Changing the perception of microinsurance

About the Project
Project start date: 
Dic 2009
12 months
País de operaciones: 
Project Thematic Focus: 
Consumer education

Project Basics

CNSeg, the association of insurance organizations in Brazil, aims to build an informed client base in the low-income community and develop a methodology for the sector to effectively disseminate information about insurance. The project’s goal is to raise awareness about insurance and to educate low-income individuals and related commercial enterprises in the formal and informal economy.

CNSeg is conducting a pilot study in Santa Marta slum, in Rio de Janeiro's southern region to test the effectiveness of different communication channels and tools. Four different communication tools were devised - a radio soap opera, a short film, street theatre, and printed graphic material. Additionally, the project also organized a Samba contest within the community.

At the start of the project CNSeg conducted a baseline survey to understand risk management knowledge and practices of the community, and to design the communication interventions. CNSeg will measure the effect of the interventions on the community’s understanding of insurance, and monitor the changes in individuals' perception and their response to the interventions once the communication campaign is complete.

CNSeg plans to collect the lessons from the experience and provide the insurance sector with a Methodological Kit, which would allow an individual company to produce its own consumer education strategy. At the end of the project CNSeg will promote the methodology among its members throughout Brazil in an effort to spread a new approach to communicating insurance as a valuable and reliable financial protection instrument that fits any socioeconomic and cultural stratum.