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CNSeg, Brazilian Insurance Confederation

About the Project
Project Name: 
Changing the Perception of Microinsurance in Brazil
Type of Facility Project: 
Innovation Grant
País de operaciones: 
Latin America and the Caribbean
Project Thematic Focus: 
Consumer education
Project Description: 

CNSeg aims to build an informed client base in the low-income community and set up appropriate methodology for the sector to effectively disseminate information about insurance. The project will focus on raising awareness and educating low-income potential insurance consumers, be they individuals or commercial enterprises, in the formal or informal economy.

To achieve this goal, CNSeg will develop a pilot study in Santa Marta, in Rio de Janeiro's southern region. CNSeg will conduct a baseline survey to understand risk management knowledge and practices, to define the communication interventions delivered to the community, and to assess changes in individuals' perception.

Four different communication tools will be devised for dissemination in Santa Marta - a radio soap opera, a short film, street theatre, and printed graphic material. The development of the understanding of and response to these pieces by the community will be closely monitored.

CNSeg will collect the lessons learnt from the experience and provide the insurance market with a Methodological Kit, enabling an individual company to produce its own consumer education strategy. CNSeg will promote this method among its members throughout Brazil in an effort to spread a new approach to communicating insurance as a valuable, reliable and consistent financial protection instrument that fits any socioeconomic and cultural stratum.


The project targets approximately eight thousand people in the favela (the Brazilian name for slum) of Santa Marta. The local population comprises poorly educated, low-income individuals who do not have access to financial education or insurance. The project, if successfully replicated, could reach significant numbers of the estimated 30 million persons residing in low and medium income households throughout Brazil.

Lessons from the Project
Learning Agenda: 
  • How to design, implement and monitor a multimedia campaign for insurance education?
  • What is the impact of the education campaign on households living in the Santa Marta favela with regard to their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards risk-management and insurance? To what extent does the campaign improve risk-management behaviour and increase take up of available microinsurance products?
  • What role can the insurance association play to build an insurance culture among low-income households? What is the most appropriate strategy for CNSeg in the medium-term?
Emerging Lessons: 
  • It is important to collaborate with local partners and develop ownership and buy-in within the community to achieve better results.
  • There are several important factors to consider while launching an education campaign for a basket of insurance products.
  • Measuring uptake is a starting point, but it is only one indicator to monitor impact.
About the Organization
Tipo de vínculo con el Fondo: 
Innovation grantee
Country of Head Office: 
Region : 
Latin America and the Caribbean
Type of institution : 
Insurance industry
Participation in Microinsurance: 
Insurance association
Organizational Overview: 

CNSeg, the Brazilian Insurance Confederation, congregates key actors of the insurance industry, coordinates political actions, elaborates strategic sector planning and conducts activities in the common interest to the four Federations: General Insurance, Private Pension & Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization.

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