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Date of Release:

  January 9, 2014


  Business viability, Business models, Data analysis and processing, Client interface, Country experience, Partnerships, Consumer education, Impact, Improving value, Demand, Transaction processing


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2013 Emerging Insights Highlights:

Technology-enabled innovations can help overcome challenges to improve operational efficiency and client value, but the processes they support also need to be improved. EI 62: From 2 months to 25 minutes: leveraging technology and better processes for enrolment

Providing access to free or discounted outpatient services leads to lower use and cost of inpatient services. The abstract of the paper that detailed the results from one scheme, CARE Foundation, was recently featured in the Lancet, a leading medical journal. EI 67: What is the value of outpatient health insurance?

A systematic, step-wise approach that involves the participation of key stakeholders can accelerate development of insurance markets. EI 69: Developing an insurance market, one step at a time

Greater collaboration between public and private actors can accelerate the advancement of universal health coverage. EI 71: Governments and private health microinsurance schemes can work together to achieve universal health coverage

Access and use of microinsurance associated with lower out-of-pocket spending, lower reliance on burdensome coping strategies, higher investments in agriculture, increased use of health care services and better health. EI 76: A systematic review of the impact of microinsurance

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